Discraft Z BUZZZ OS First Run are in!

The Discraft Buzzz midrange is the world’s most popular golf disc. Today we are proud to present what is perhaps the most anticipated release in Discraft’s 35 year history: the Buzzz OS.

Most players depend on their Buzzz for a wide range of shots. They reach for it because of its dependable consistency, controllability and accuracy. Buzzz OS is a Buzzz, only beefier.

Has a headwind kicked up? Buzzz OS. Need a straight shot with a hard finish? Buzzz OS. Want a mid you can dependably forehand on a straight line? Buzzz OS.

The OS stands for overstable: it’s more overstable than a Wasp, much less than a Drone. And Buzzz OS feels like a Buzzz in your hand, lending a familiar confidence that adds up to success when the final score is tallied.